Data Analyst

Working at Thinking Machines

Thinking Machines is a data science startup. Our vision is for the Philippines to become a global hub for data science. To do that, we create data science cultures, one organization at a time.

We’re a company made up of intellectually curious, civic-minded, forever-learning individuals. We believe that great data science products are built with care for people, and that the best way to drive inclusive innovation is to start with a diverse team.

Our field of work is incredibly dynamic, so we want to work with people who are committed to growing with us. We want to hire people who can demonstrate an ability to learn, then provide them with personalized coaching, growth opportunities, and a great working environment to get them to world-class.

Role Description

This entry-level position is a great opportunity for newcomers to the data science industry looking to learn by doing in the company of a high-performance team.

This job is a great fit for fresh graduates, career shifters, and people with 1-2 years of professional experience looking to understand and commit to an area of specialization. We welcome people from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to apply. Your college major (or whether you went at all) matters much less than code projects you’ve built recently.

This job demands learning agility, creativity, critical thinking, and a focus on delivering excellent work. You’ll be expected to absorb guidance quickly, and translate it into quality output day-to-day. Expect to be assigned tasks across different teams - machine learning, data engineering, and data visualization - wherever the project demands your attention. Throughout this process, we will work with you to find where you fit best based on your skill set, preferences, and demonstrated performance on various data science challenges.

We’re a growing startup with constantly shifting responsibilities, and even more so for this role. If you do a great job, you should be tracked into a specialist role within 12 months.


We’re looking for someone who has the following:

Ideal candidates have some of the following skills

Benefits and Perks

We offer the following compensation and benefits:

How to Apply

If you fit this profile and we sound like the kind of people you want to work with, fill up the form below with your information and resume. After submitting the form, expect an email from us within the next 15 minutes, detailing the next steps of your application. If you don’t receive one, please contact [email protected].

Here are the steps of the application process:

We’re looking for 3-5 data analysts who are ready to start by mid-January 2020. Apply now and possibly get the job by November 2019!


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