Web Engineer

Working at Thinking Machines

Thinking Machines is a data science startup. Our vision is for the Philippines to become a global hub for data science. To do that, we create data science cultures, one organization at a time.

We’re a company made up of intellectually curious, civic-minded, forever-learning individuals. We believe that great data science products are built with care for people, and that the best way to drive inclusive innovation is to start with a diverse team.

Our field of work is incredibly dynamic, so we want to work with people who are committed to growing with us. We want to hire people who can demonstrate an ability to learn, then provide them with personalized coaching, growth opportunities, and a great working environment to get them to world-class.

Role Description

As a Web Engineer, you will be working with our team to create and maintain web apps that our clients will use to interact with our machine learning products and data pipelines. It will be your job to make sure our users can intuitively make sense of our solutions. This can be in the form of an interactive map with various feature layers, a custom dashboard with features beyond Tableau’s capabilities, a knowledge base that leverages our ML predictions, or a mobile web app that uses the camera to classify different items in a store shelf. No two projects will be completely the same!

You will be involved in designing, creating, and maintaining both frontend and backend components. If you have been focusing on one over the other thus far, we still encourage you to apply, but expect that you will need to train up to become a full-stack developer to be fully effective in the team.

You must be comfortable working with APIs — expect to build web applications that will consume both internal and external APIs. You will also be responsible for building and maintaining web services that will interface our ML models with apps.

At the end of the day, we are committed to giving our clients the best user experience when using our web apps.

Across the board, you are expected to have great code hygiene. Readable, documented code is at the core of our collaborative projects. Even better if you are already routinely testing your code. Finally, it is very important that you are comfortable using version control systems (ideally Git!)

Since the startup space can get crazy, we are looking for someone who is up for any challenge and has the initiative to seek out ways to be useful. We move fast, and we expect you to keep up!


We’re looking for someone who meets the following profile:

Additionally, we are requiring candidates to have an internet connection speed of at least 12mbps and a viable work from home setup, as we are now operating as a fully remote company.

Qualifications and Competencies

We are open to engineers of varying seniority. At its core, we need engineers that have strong fundamental, language-agnostic skills. You must be able to create and deploy web apps, as well as design and build APIs. We believe that great engineers do not necessarily perfectly match our tech stack in the beginning, but will be able to pick it up quickly.

Bonus points if you have the following:

Benefits and Perks

We offer the following compensation and benefits:

How to Apply

If you fit this profile and we sound like the kind of people you want to work with, fill up the form below with your information and resume. After submitting the form, please expect an email from us within the next 15 minutes, detailing the next steps for your application. If you do not receive an email from us, please contact [email protected]


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