Job Title:
Data Engineer

Working at Thinking Machines

Thinking Machines is a data science startup. Our vision is for the Philippines to become a global hub for data science. To do that, we create data science cultures, one organization at a time.

We’re a company made up of intellectually curious, civic-minded, forever-learning individuals. We believe that great data science products are built with care for people, and that the best way to drive inclusive innovation is to start with a diverse team.

Our field of work is incredibly dynamic, so we want to work with people who are committed to growing with us. We want to hire people who can demonstrate an ability to learn, then provide them with personalized coaching, growth opportunities, and a great working environment to get them to world-class.

Role Description

We are a data science consultancy seeking a data engineer to join our small team of data scientists, designers and engineers.

Data science ain’t data science without data. As a data engineer, you will collect and consolidate data from various sources, secure them and transform them into useful forms so that you and your team can work data science magic on them. From a security perspective, we work with many confidential datasets, so make sure that Eve and Trudy don't get their grubby paws on them.

You will be responsible for building systems for collecting, transforming, and storing data. This can range from writing a short script that periodically calls an API to creating a website scraper to architecting and building a complete data collection and data warehousing system.

On a normal day, you might be architecting an analytics platform for a SaaS company, debugging a data ETL pipeline for an international NGO, and optimizing then deploying a machine learning model to TensorFlow mobile.

You'll be expected to help out on any tasks that may come up in any department. Since the startup space can get crazy, we are looking for someone who is up for any kind of challenge and has the initiative to seek out ways to be useful. We move fast, and we expect you to keep up!


We’re looking for someone who meets the following profile:

  • Enjoys coding - You must be very comfortable with writing and explaining code.
  • Security paranoid - Handling client data is part of our daily job. We have security guidelines and protocols in place but a single blunder can cost huge damage.
  • Makes things fast - Time is our most precious resource. You can always throw money at things to make them faster but that’s not very engineer-y.
  • Communication skills - You’ll be explaining things during most conversations either internal or external. Therefore, you need to know how to phrase yourself to be understable depending on who you’re talking to. Documenting your code is a given, and you also need to write technical documentation in the form of manuals, proposals, guidelines, etc.
  • Initiative - Sometimes, the team won’t know that they need you. You need to be aware about the projects people are working on and support when applicable. You don’t need to know how to use/fix the printer.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • A minimum of two years work experience in a relevant software engineering role
  • Must be proficient in at least one programming language (preferably Python). Knowing more is a bonus. Knowing too many but all poorly will make our eyes roll.
  • More bonus points if you know how to handle data that doesn’t fit your machine’s RAM.
  • SQL proficiency required (Postgres is our favorite flavor of RDBMS). +1 if you've deployed or worked with Redshift or Bigquery.
  • We don’t manage a fleet of servers but you should know how to get around and manage various environments (especially IaaS such as AWS and Google Cloud). You’ll pique our interest if you love MS Azure.
  • We do a huge amount of work on the Google stack. Big points if you’re comfortable with BigQuery, Dataflow, TensorFlow, and all that.

Benefits and Perks

We can offer you the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary - the compensation amount is positively correlated with the difficulty of the job
  • Flex-time policy — regular work from home and remote working days are options after probation period. Most members of our team maintain regular office hours of 10am – 4pm, and spend the rest of their workday at home.
  • Individual professional development budget— an annual budget for conferences, training courses, books and software is available to sharpen your skills and build new ones to help you grow in your role
  • Full health benefits—generous health insurance package
  • Regular 1:1 meetings with the leadership team to discuss career and personal goals, job progress and any questions and concerns

How to Apply

If you fit this profile and we sound like the kind of people you want to work with, fill up the form below with your information and resume. After submitting the form, please expect an email from us within the next 15 minutes, detailing the next steps for your application. If you do not receive an email from us, please contact