Job Title:
Data Strategist

Working at Thinking Machines

Thinking Machines is a data science startup. Our vision is for the Philippines to become a global hub for data science. To do that, we create data science cultures, one organization at a time.

We’re a company made up of intellectually curious, civic-minded, forever-learning individuals. We believe that great data science products are built with care for people, and that the best way to drive inclusive innovation is to start with a diverse team.

Our field of work is incredibly dynamic, so we want to work with people who are committed to growing with us. We want to hire people who can demonstrate an ability to learn, then provide them with personalized coaching, growth opportunities, and a great working environment to get them to world-class.

Role Description

We are a data science consultancy seeking a full-time employee to join our Data Strategy team. We are a small, but high-performance team of data scientists, designers, and engineers. You'll have a huge pool of talent to learn from, all within arm’s reach!

As part of the Data Strategy team, you will be instrumental in the analysis of client requirements as well as in the implementation of Thinking Machines’ solutions. We help clients navigate the complex landscape of big data and machine learning techniques to determine the best strategies to achieve their business objectives. You’ll be in constant contact with potential clients, current clients, government agencies, and fellow data firms in the tech sector.

Your main challenge is to understand the client’s business processes, identify critical data, and customize our data science offerings to their context. Some of your initial projects will involve gathering client information and requirements, analyzing data, developing proposals, and communicating recommendations.

In addition to working directly with clients, you will collaborate with Thinking Machines colleagues to develop a broad range of business development resources. We encourage you to explore different functions of data science (e.g. engineering, machine learning, storytelling). As you intersect with elements of their specialty, you will be well-positioned to draft case studies, blog posts, white papers, and other externally-oriented materials that advances the practice of Thinking Machines across government, industry, and the social sector.

On a typical day, you might be scoping out new projects with one of our clients, working on a product spec document for our internal projects, building out a profitability spreadsheet model for a new business opportunity, answering interview questions on data science for social good for PR briefing, and compiling speaking notes for a Senate hearing on AI for our CEO.

You'll also be expected to help out on any tasks that may come up in any department. Since the startup space can get crazy, we are looking for someone who is up for any kind of challenge and has the initiative to seek out ways to be useful. We move fast, and we expect you to keep up!


We are looking for people who meet the following profile:

  • Strong external communication skills - Your main job will be to communicate Thinking Machines’ suite of products and services to a business-minded audience. From sales calls and client pitches, you’ll need to know how to translate the technicalities of data science to the language of the boardroom, and back into specifications and project timelines.
  • Good business acumen - Do you have a knack for finding structure in chaos? You’ll be doing a lot of talking to clients and will need to get a solid understanding of their core needs and business objectives.
  • Burning curiosity about data - Don't freak out when you're asked to look at datasets, visualizations, or straight up number mess. We want you to be excited in digging through what lies inside the mess.
  • Quick learning agility - You must learn. You're not expected to know everything, but we expect you to fill in the gaps quickly, with guidance from our leadership team. You'll be part of a very talented team, make sure to learn something new everyday!
  • Open communication skills - We’re a small team that relies on each other for ideas and double-checking. We appreciate tactfully opinionated people.
  • Strong sense of initiative - There are many things to do from all sides! See something you can help with, but we haven't assigned you on? Do it.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • A minimum of 2-3 years experience in management consulting, and/or project management in an analytics environment.
  • Experience working on and delivering technology projects with developers or analysts. Bonus points if you've had previous experience at a fast-growing tech startup.
  • Undergraduate degree in a quantitative field, or equivalent experience building technology products.
  • Experience with SQL and data analysis.

Huge plus for people who:

  • Have built and deployed webapps
  • Are comfortable reading and writing Python code
  • Have demonstrated that they can go through online coursework (Coursera, Udacity etc) and learn new things quickly
  • Have sold services consultatively using a value-based framework
  • Have previous experience working with software engineering, statisticians
  • Have previously defined the spec for a technology product, gotten iterative market feedback, and built it with an engineering team
  • Have domain experience in a non-data field (Are you an expert in agriculture? International law? Finance? We value having a wide range of career experiences.)

Benefits and Perks

We can offer you the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary - the compensation amount is positively correlated with the difficulty of the job. The base salary range is 35,000/mo - 70,000/mo depending on experience, fit, and skill factors, with generous performance bonuses.
  • Flex-time policy — regular work from home and remote working days are options after probation period. Most members of our team maintain regular office hours of 10am – 4pm, and spend the rest of their workday at home.
  • Individual professional development budget— an annual budget for conferences, training courses, books and software is available to sharpen your skills and build new ones to help you grow in your role
  • Full health benefits—generous health insurance package
  • Regular 1:1 meetings with the leadership team to discuss career and personal goals, job progress and any questions and concerns

How to Apply

If you fit this profile and we sound like the kind of people you want to work with, fill up the form below with your information and resume. After submitting the form, please expect an email from us within the next 15 minutes, detailing the next steps for your application. If you do not receive an email from us, please contact