Data Visualization
and Storytelling

May 29 - 30, 2018 | 9AM - 5PM
TwentyFour-Seven McKinley Building, BGC

For Php 14,600/pax, VAT-inclusive.

Learn to communicate data effectively.

Take our workshop to learn how data can lead to actionable insights
and how to use visuals to effectively communicate data-driven stories.

Schedule and Curriculum

DAY 1 Data Storytelling and Visualization Fundamentals

Using Storytelling and Visualizations to Communicate Data

  • Facts versus Story: How stories shape perception and influence action
  • How visualization reduces the mental effort of comprehending data
  • What are the qualities of good data design and visualizations

UNDERSTAND: Identifying Your Audience and Knowing Your Purpose

  • How to profile your audience
  • Choosing the best channels for communicating data to your audience

EXTRACT: Exploring Your Data and Finding the Key Message

  • Formulas, tips, and tricks in using MS Excel or Google Sheets to execute data design best practices
  • Identifying relationships in data

VISUALIZE: Choosing the Best Chart Types

  • Understanding size, length, color, position and other methods of visually encoding data variables
  • Choosing the best chart type to illustrate magnitude, composition, correlation, deviation, and other kinds of data relationships
  • Overcoming common mistakes in chart choice: Why some charts work better than others
  • Understanding the limitations of basic chart types in communicating more complex data patterns such as network relationships and geospatial information
  • Deconstructing and critiquing complex data visualizations
  • Introduction to available tools for producing advanced chart types

COMMUNICATE: Crafting The Story

  • Applying story elements and structure to data-driven communication
  • Contrast, Context, Change: Concrete ways to make numbers more meaningful
  • How to write meaningful chart text
DAY 2 Data Visualization Best Practices

Best Practices in Chart Design

  • Design not decoration: Designing charts for clarity and integrity
  • Understanding Basic Chart Anatomy: Axes, Colors, Legends, Labels, Gridlines
  • How to Avoid Lying or Misleading with Charts
  • How to Reduce Visual Clutter on Data Visualization
  • Designing Readable Data Tables

Charting Beyond Excel

  • Hands-on demo of online tools and applications for data vsualization

Introduction to Dynamic Data Visualization

  • When to use dynamic versus static data visualization
  • Overview of the different dynamic formats: When to use a GIF, dashboard, or D3 interactive
  • Introduction to tools for producing dynamic data visualizations
  • Select, Explore, Reconfigure, Abstract, Filter: Overview of Interaction Techniques and When to Use them

Organizer + Trainers

We are Thinking Machines, a global data science service provider that helps organization use data to make better decisions. Every day we help our clients craft useful, truthful, and beautiful data stories. So our courses are well-grounded in the business reality to be practically useful. We are passionate about education and help grow the data science community through courses.

See our work for yourself.

Pia Faustino

Pia Faustino

  • Head of Data Storytelling at Thinking Machines
  • Former TV producer at GMA Network
  • Former multimedia and social media manager
    at GMA News Online

Ena Escañan

Ena Escañan

  • Data Visualization Designer
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Lecturer in Information Design at ADMU

Jiah Margallo

Jiah Margallo

  • Data Visualization Developer
  • Management Information Systems, ADMU
  • Dashboard Design and Developer for
    Save the Children, Ayala Corp, Teach for All

Danielle Gayares

Danielle Gayares

  • Data Visualization Developer
  • Master of Health Social Science, DLSU
  • Former Data Manager, National Health Institute

What are you getting?

  • Lessons and hands-on activities applying best practices in data visualization and storytelling
  • Session handouts
  • Copy of all session slides
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Certificate of completion

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  • Basic Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Basic statistics and math for analysis
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