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We are a leading-edge data technology consultancy that transforms organizations by building enterprise AI and cloud data platforms.
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Data to insights
Accelerate your data transformation journey.
Democratize data access and enable an AI-driven enterprise. Secure, scalable enterprise-grade data platforms on cloud infrastructure.
Unify Your Data
We build Enterprise Cloud Data Platforms to democratize data access and lay the foundation for tailored AI solutions
Tailor-made AI solutions around big data AI, hyper-targeting, and fraud detection, built for your specific needs.
Deploy Custom AI
We build and deploy tailor-made leading-edge AI engines with a focus on practical use cases and explainability
Drive data adoption by collaborating with existing digital transformation efforts and creating a centralized data team.
Create a Data Driven Team
We enable organizational development and capacity building through data consulting, training, and coaching
Data to scale
Implement machine learning and data solutions with our team of experts
Our team of data engineering and machine learning experts build solutions at scale for our clients. Together with our technology partners, we build enterprise-grade data systems.
Data to impact
Drive real impact in the biggest industries
predictions across building footprint, type, and wealth
Solutions also delivered for: healthcare providers, airlines, distribution and logistics companies, and conglomerates
Network Demand Planning • Micro Markets • DMP and Affinity Audiences • Customer Value Management • Geo-targeting
Real Estate
Predictive Inventory Planning • Cross-channel Media Attribution • Brand Sentiment Analysis • Indoor Traffic Flow Mapping
Financial Services
Document Intelligence • Fraud Detection and Risk Estimation • Investment Analysis via Alternative Data • Customer Segmentation
Social Impact
Infrastructure and Economic Development • Crop Yield Monitoring • Climate Change • Risk Assessment
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