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Thinking Machines

We are a data science consultancy with offices in Manila, Philippines, and San Francisco, California. Founded by Stanford engineering graduates who’ve worked on data products at some of the best tech companies in Silicon Valley, we’re committed to delivering quality work for our clients and our community.

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Data Engineering

We scalably get you the data you need to make quality decisions. Need intelligence on social media, government records, business trends? If it’s digital, we can get it and expose it as an API or as a dashboard.

Machine Learning

We build classification, prediction, and recommendation algorithms on top of your data. Classify your customers, predict who buys, recommend the most relevant products.

Data Storytelling

We craft beautiful & useful interactive visualizations in d3. We write clever data-driven stories and white papers. Data is only useful when properly understood.

Data Strategy

We help companies understand how data can help them succeed. We figure out what kind of data you need, what can machine learning do for you, and what skills you need on your internal data science team.


Data Insights For Development

Thinking Machines delivers purpose-built systems to collect, fuse, and visualize data that drives the discovery of critical insights for development

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Case Studies

Connecting Data Silos

Using sparse matrices to unify government data siloes in order to track spending on roads infrastructure.

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Market Segmentation

Using machine learning clustering models to define market segmentation and develop targeted campaigns to improve consumer behavior around payment operations.

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Consumer Segmentation

Running an exploratory data analysis and building unsupervised learning models to understand digital consumer behavior.

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Data Visualization and Storytelling Workshop

We're hosting a Data Visualization and Storytelling Workshop this May 29-30, 2018 in BGC. Hurry! 5% early bird discount for the first 15 signups (happy new year!)

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