Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that contain a small amount of information which is stored in your device as you visit a website. These are typically used to support the site’s functionalities, tailor behavior to the user, or track performance.

We use cookies in this website to track mainly how users interact with the site (through Google Analytics). This allows us to know how our website is performing, which contents are interesting, and which ones are not.

Cookies we set

Cookies Description
_ga, _gat, _gid

These are Google Analytics cookies that are used to distinguish unique users, and facilitate Google Analytics.

More information about the cookies used by Google Analytics, and Google in general, can be found here and here.


This is a cookie set by Thinking Machines to facilitate interactive functionalities in some parts of our website (for example, the quiz in our Mind the Gap data story). This does not store personal information.

Differently named, but similar cookies, may be placed by Thinking Machines as more interactive content is added to the site.

List of other parties who set cookies

Some third-party functionality that we use, like social media plugins for sharing, Airtable for forms, and Tableau for embedded visualizations, may also set their own cookies to function. Here’s a list of them, including their own cookie or privacy policies that you can read up on:

  1. Google’s cookie policy
  2. Facebook’s cookie policy
  3. Twitter’s cookie policy
  4. Airtable’s privacy policy
  5. Tableau Public’s privacy policy
  6. Mailchimp’s cookie policy