Solving high-impact problems with AI & Data

We make clients successful by building data systems that transform their businesses.

We are a leading-edge data technology consultancy with operations in Manila, Singapore, and Bangkok. We transform organizations by building enterprise AI and cloud data platflorms.

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Co-create with you Deliver True Impact Geospatial Intelligence Multidisciplinary

End-to-end collaboration, from pinpointing unique business problem, development of user-friendly solutions, until deployment and success measurement. We’re with you every step of the way.

Having skin in the game through success-based pricing arrangements with multiple clients.

We have a collection of socio-economic, demographic, and satellite data from multiple sources that can be integrated with your own data to get more robust insights with a wider perspective.

We are composed of some of the best engineers, researchers, designers, communicators, and consultants working together to make the Philippines a Global Hub for Data Science.


Growth Mindset

We are a team of humble learners. We constantly seek to improve ourselves and our client organizations.

Relationships Matter

We work in teams to solve difficult problems. Great relations are key to getting things done in the high-uncertainty environments that we work in.

Build for the Future

Scalable systems enable us to thoughtfully build a great company.

Trust and Accountability

We believe that a high trust and high accountability workplace is more creative, happier, and more productive.


Problem solvers, Curious about data, Quick learning agility, Strong sense of initiative, Open communication skills.

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Thinking Machines’ Climate Action Commitment

Being data-driven means taking climate action. We’re trying to find our niche in the climate fight.

How OhMyHome Used Machine Learning for Real Estate Valuation

We built a custom ML model that can estimate the price of any property in Singapore. With only 4% difference against historical sales prices, the model delivers data OhMyHome needs at an unprecedented speed and scale.

Creating a Single Customer View out of Big Messy Data

We worked with LBC to develop a Single Customer View (SCV) that automatically identifies unique customers from daily transactional records, resulting to 40x faster processing and 3.5x higher accuracy.