Marketing Science

Place data at the center of your commercial and creative decision making

Attribution Modelling
Attribution Modelling

Allocate marketing resources across different channels

Substitution Modelling
Substitution Modelling

Predict the impact of promotions and price changes on sales and related products

Brand Presence
Brand Presence

Enhance your brand presence online and offline

Optimize marketing spending

  • Attribute specific marketing activities to corresponding impact
  • Track performance across products, geographies, and marketing channels
  • Use time series and Machine Learning modelling to determine the incremental effect of marketing activities
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Optimize marketing spending

Design promotions and optimize product placement

  • Use association rules and Empirical Dynamic Modelling to identify causal relationships between products and product categories
  • Develop relevant value propositions
  • Build recommendation systems to drive sales even further
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Design promotions and optimize product placement

Measure brand performance

  • Optimize share of shelf using image analytics to determine if your brand has ideal product placement
  • Capture online consumer behavior and trends to identify new brand opportunities
  • Compare your online and offline brand presence against competition
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Measure brand performance

Increase 30% of your online sales via dynamic pricing and personalization.

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We apply Machine Learning algorithms to identify underlying patterns and trends in your data, allowing you to transform your marketing strategy.


Discover communities within your audience based on similar behaviors and interests, enabling deeper and more targeted insights

Substitution Modelling

Use Empirical Dynamic Modelling to predict the impact of promotions and price changes on product sales and associated products

Logo Recognition

Use computer vision and convolutional neural networks to detect the presence of your logo in a retail environment, a commercial, or even on a social media news feed.

Attribution Modelling

Determine the optimal offline and online media mix by using attribution models build up out of an ensemble of machine learning models


Sales Analytics

We use data to predict what your business will be like tomorrow so that you can plan for today.


DocAI automates encoding and digitization of your documents. Gain deeper insights through leading-edge AI for powerful information extraction and document processing.

Tailored Solutions

We are technology agnostic and we love to learn new things! Reach out and we can customize something for you.

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