Sales Analytics

Boost your sales with the power of Machine Learning prediction models

Demand Prediction
Demand Prediction

Accurately forecast your future sales for better operational efficiency

Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring

Rank each lead or opportunity based on their calculated value

Sales Territory Design
Sales Territory Design

Maximize distribution reach and coverage by deploying in the right areas

Accurately predict future demand

  • Predict your sales to minimize risk and costs from stock-outs or over-stocking
  • Incorporate the impact of external factors like traffic and weather into your demand prediction
  • Implement necessary interventions to hit company targets
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Accurately predict future demand

Prioritize the most valuable leads

  • Calculate the value of different opportunities for efficient prioritization
  • Compare sales effectiveness across different channels
  • Allocate the right resources to the right leads to maximize overall benefit
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Prioritize the most valuable leads

Optimize salesforce resources

  • Optimize sales deployment to maximize your coverage
  • Improve sales efficiency by identifying white spaces with maps and third party data sources
  • Be at the right place at the right time by identifying key opportunities
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Optimize salesforce resources

Improve forecast accuracy by 15% of FMCG SKUs of nationwide retailer.

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We use data to find the underlying patterns that drive your business, and use these insights to maximize and predict your revenues. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep your business’ heart pumping.

Time Series Modelling

Integrate historical and third party data sources to predict future values using a combination of Machine Learning and Time Series techniques

Lead Scoring

Calculate the value of a lead based on their demographics and the behavior of similar leads

Substitution Analysis

Use association rules and Empirical Dynamic Modeling techniques to predict the impact of promotions and price changes on product sales and associated or substitute products


Data Transformation

We transform your processes so that you can get the most value out of your data.

Customer Science

We elevate the way you engage customers, drive loyalty, and unlock more value through AI and machine learning.

Tailored Solutions

We are technology agnostic and we love to learn new things! Reach out and we can customize something for you.

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