Privacy Policy
Hello! As a data science company, we understand and respect your rights to your personal data. As such, we — meaning Thinking Machines Data Science, Inc. — have prepared this privacy notice to inform you of what information we collect from you through this website, how we collect them, and for what purposes we intend to use them. Thinking Machines Data Science, Inc. is duly-registered with the National Privacy Commission. To view our NPC Seal of Registration, please click here. The scope of this privacy notice is information collected through this website. This does not cover data we use for our data stories or our client engagements. For data stories, we only use publicly available data and information. Please see our Privacy Notice relevant to our client engagements.
What information we collect
What types of information we collect from you depends on how you interact with our website. We collect information from you when:
  • you browse around our website
  • you send in your application for an open job post
  • you register for our events
Normal browsing
When you browse through our website, we use Google Analytics to automatically collect information on how you interact with our site. This includes when you visit, which parts of the site you visit, which links you click, how long you stay, and the like. We also use your IP address to gain a rough estimate of which location you visited our site from. To learn more about how Google collects and processes data, you may refer to Google's policies here. Google Analytics primarily does this using cookies. These pieces of information help us improve how our website is structured and figure out what kind of content our visitors are interested in. Google Analytics only retains your user and event data for 26 months, after which it is deleted. This retention period is reset every time you visit our website. We do not share this information to any 3rd party for any other purpose. You can learn more in our Cookie Policy.
Job applications
We receive your personal data whenever you apply for job positions posted in our website. This includes your name, email address, and phone number which are collected through our web form. This also includes information you choose to share with us through your resume or CV such as your educational and professional background. This information will be used solely for processing your application with us, and understand the kinds of applicants we receive. We do not share this information with a third party, nor do we use it to send you any marketing materials that you do not consent to. We use a GDPR-compliant service, Freshteam, to collect and store this information in the cloud. Our collection form also verifies your consent before you share your data with us.
Event registration
We also receive your personal information when you register for any of our events or workshops. This includes your name, contact information, professional industry, and level of mastery of certain skill sets. This lets us understand our event and workshop audience better and helps us create meaningful and effective events for our participants. Your credit card information is also collected and used solely to pay our tickets online. This is done through the GDPR-compliant services Eventbrite and PayPal. We do not have direct access to any financial information you share with these services to transact with us. We encourage you to check the privacy policies of these services, and see if you consent to it. If not, we strive to make our events accessible, even to those who cannot or do not want to use online services to transact. These options are stated in each event’s description and FAQs.
How to manage your data with us
You, as a data subject, have the following rights:
  • Right to Information
  • Right to Object
  • Right to Access
  • Right to Rectification
  • Right to Erasure or Blocking
  • Right to Damages
  • Right to Data Portability
  • Right to File a Complaint
To learn more about your rights under the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”), please click here. As part of your rights to your personal data, you may access, edit, or delete your data that we have. Whenever justified, you may also revoke your consent to any collection or processing that you have agreed on in the past. To exercise any of these rights, please email [email protected], and let us know which information you would like us to access, edit, or delete. Finally, if you feel that your rights under the DPA have been violated, you may file a complaint to the National Privacy Commission through these steps.