Customer Science

Power your customer lifecycle campaigns, messaging, and targeting with data that drives ROI

Single Customer View
Single Customer View

Consolidate transactional and profiling databases for a unified view of your customers and their journey

Customer Communities
Customer Communities

Cluster customer communities by lifestyle interests, usage behavior, and life cycle states

Personalized targeting
Personalized targeting

Target based on interest or behavioral communities, customer life cycle states, attributes or RFM variables

Understand who your customers are

  • Discover your customers' collective identity
  • Integrate your customers data across disparate data silos
  • Combine your data with social media, census, and other external data to reveal deeper insights
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Understand who your customers are

Find new opportunities

  • Discover your customers' intent
  • Segment your customers based on behavior and interests
  • Understand evolving customer interest and behavior communities over time
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Find new opportunities

Predict what your customers will do

  • Predict what your customers are likely to purchase and what life cycle stages they are in
  • Successfully upsell or cross-sell to customers through personalized and timely offers
  • Increase customers’ overall lifetime value
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Predict what your customers will do

Get 30% uplift in campaign response via more precise consumer targeting.

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We apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to any customer and related data sources to drive deep customer understanding and hyper-personalized targeting.

Record Matching

Match customer data across disparate data silos using Natural Language Processing

Customer Affinity Graph

Identify the evolving interests of your consumers and their communities on unstructured text

Recommendation Systems

Drive hyper-personalized targeting based on customer interests and behavior using Machine Learning techniques, like big data clustering using HDBSCAN, random forest techniques, and collaborative filtering

Customer Lifetime Value Modelling

Increase overall lifetime value of customers by analyzing customer demographics and behavior over time


Marketing Science

We bring data to the heart of commercial and creative decision making.

Sales Analytics

We use data to predict what your business will be like tomorrow so that you can plan for today.

Tailored Solutions

We are technology agnostic and we love to learn new things! Reach out and we can customize something for you.

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