Data Transformation

Unlock the value of your data

Organizations need to have scalable infrastructure and processes in place to support big data and artificial intelligence
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Our highly qualified engineers and designers create data-driven prototypes and enterprise systems on a multitude of cloud-based platforms and stacks to ensure future-proof, sustainable, and scalable infrastructure and processes.
Demand Prediction Data Warehouse Targeting

Assessed the impact of external factors on client’s demand

Assessed integrity of client’s collection, storage and processing systems

Assessed different behavioral features of client’s customers that relate to specific customer actions


Developed a set of initial time series and LGBM ML models that uses weather, location, and temporal factors to make daily predictions

Developed an Extract-Transform-Load pipeline that automatically brings client’s data from multiple sources into one data warehouse

Developed several ML models to predict the customer's actions and created a targeting engine based on their predicted actions


Deployed the model to client’s daily workflow that involved creating daily demand predictions

Deployed the warehouse to the client’s production environment for use

Deployed the model to generate list of customers for client to target on a daily basis


Enhanced the deployed system by adding new models like substitution modelling

Enhanced client capabilities through workshops and hand-on-sessions on how to perform analytical queries

Enhanced targeting activities by adding personalized messages based on predicted action


Data Readiness Assessment

Assess your data readiness versus your industry peers and determine key next steps on your journey to become a fully data-driven organization.

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Data Audit

Understand the challenges with your existing data and how to best improve your data collection and storage practices.

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Strategic Data Analysis

Apply rigorous analytical methods to gain a deep understanding of your data, and the stories that lie underneath.

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Elevate the capabilities of your internal teams through skill-based workshops in Data Visualization and Advanced Data Analysis.

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Customer Science

We elevate the way you engage customers, drive loyalty, and unlock more value through AI and machine learning.

Marketing Science

We bring data to the heart of commercial and creative decision making.

Tailored Solutions

We are technology agnostic and we love to learn new things! Reach out and we can customize something for you.

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