Unlock insights from documents

DocAI is a powerful AI enterprise knowledge solution that allows you to integrate, search, and gain insights from the documents that matter to you.

Secure central repository for any format

Keep millions of documents from any format organized and secured in one place

Cutting edge AI for powerful information extraction

Automatically scan and extract information from documents at scale to save you time and money

Deeper insights for better decisions

Uncover new relationships and facts from your documents to make better-informed decisions

90% of data is locked into unstructured, siloed documents that are time and labor intensive to process.

We experienced the processing and accuracy limitations of existing cloud-based document extraction software. That’s why we developed DocAI. The DocAI solution helps you solve this pain point by turning unstructured documents into structured data tailored to your specific needs, increasing your operational efficiency and helping you make better business decisions.

DocAI lets you unlock insights from your documents using OCR, natural language processing, other powerful AI,  and semantic search engine

Extract information easily

Spend less time browsing for answers. DocAI closes the gap between you and high value-adding insights by delivering the most relevant documents to the information you are searching.
DocAI lets you organize your documents in a secure cloud-based document platform

Improve efficiency by bringing all documents into one secure, organized cloud-based document platform

DocAI’s semantic search engine delivers the most relevant documents to your search

Save time by getting the right information from relevant documents in every search

DocAI empowers you to gain insights from processed documents

Get deep insights for better decision-making regardless of role or industry through a customized DocAI user experience

We are an award-winning AI team
with a strong track record for impact

Our team implements bleeding edge AI models as they are published (e.g. BERT, T5) and has published papers for top journals (e.g. ICML).

Through our AI-powered products, we have created real impact for some of the largest companies in the region.

TECH PARTNERS Google Cloud Platform Elastic

Scalable, secure, and powerful cloud-based platform

With its enterprise grade infrastructure and flexible backend that can be deployed across all major public cloud platforms, DocAI is able to scale your business through its support for a myriad of file formats and sources, both public and private.

DocAI’s cloud-based document platform is secure and scalable
Centralized source of truth

Documents from internal and external sources are integrated in a platform that can process petabytes of data effortlessly.

DocAI automates digitization and encoding of your unstructured documents
All your documents digitized

Documents that require manual encoding (e.g. scanned documents, invoices) are digitized through cutting edge machine learning.

DocAI supports secure democratization of your documents, providing extensive access control
Accessible data assets

Data assets, relevant information, and document insights are accessible within your company.

DocAI ensures that your documents are secured and protected in a cloud-based document platform
Secured private information

Private information is secured and protected from any kind of breach.

Comprehensive library of customizable features

DocAI has an extensive library of features and algorithms that can be tailored to match your specific use cases.

See our full list of AI-powered features → DocAI solution is modular and customizable. Solution stack includes: advanced query matching, semantic search engine, natural language processing, and contextual AI engine.
Vast collection of document AI tools

Choose the specific methods of information extraction and analysis modules that are best suited to the types of documents you process and the nature of the insights you aim to surface.

A tailor fit experience

DocAI is customizable, with plug and play features that allow for better performance across different document types to surface varied insights.

Expert guidance all the way

DocAI's experts will continuously work with your team to identify the features that will be most impactful and relevant to achieving your goals, and improving your processes.


Optimize your workflow with our library of AI-powered features

Multi-source Ingestion
  • Websites
  • PDFs
  • Social media
  • Task management platforms
  • GSuite
  • Microsoft Office
Document Democratization
  • Public Cloud Agnostic
  • Accessible data warehouse
  • Fast queries
User defined relevance
  • Advanced query matching
  • Recency
  • User activity
Contextual AI engine
  • Semantic search engine
  • Question answering
  • Automated sentence highlighting
Gain Insights
Gain insights
  • Topic specific feeds
  • Automatic topic classification
  • Popular articles
  • Emerging topics
  • AI recommended articles
  • Project pages
  • Shared folders
  • Social features

Leverage DocAI in your business

Regardless of your role, function, or industry, DocAI can help you optimize your workflow so you can spend more time focusing on what you do best: analyzing information, communicating insights, and driving impactful decisions.

Thinking Machines DocAI for Finance: Document AI solution for automated insights from financial documents

For Finance

Discover investment opportunities

Monitor relevant companies, technologies, and trends

Derive automated insights from your financial documents

Thinking Machines DocAI for Market Research: Document AI solution to supercharge your research process

For Market Research

Uncover the next big thing in your industry

Understand consumer behavior at scale

Connect the dots between the latest trends

Thinking Machines DocAI for Customer Care: Document AI solution to retrieve support information with ease

For Customer Care

Resolve customer queries faster and better

Retrieve relevant information with ease

Find better ways to serve clients

Start unlocking meaningful insights from your documents with DocAI today.